Friday, August 31, 2007

Protecting Kids From the Evils of Yoga

Once again the Christian church has stepped in to ensure that the spiritual and physical well being of children is protected. A kid's program that had kids exercising and pretending to be animals (as well as having fun) has been outlawed. (more in Ananova)

This reminds me of the French language proponents in the Canadian Province of Quebec who attempt to promote their cause by limiting all others. They can't defend against competition, so they ban it.

However, this is different. Yoga is not religious competition for Christianity: yoga is not a religion. But, and this is where the church is missing the boat, it can be combined with any reflective, meditative thought process.

If the church were lead by anyone with an imagination they would be integrating fun yoga with religious lesson planning.

Once more, the incompetent are in charge.

Almost time for my first plymouth. Cheers.

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