Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Perjury Trumps Lewd Conduct

Folks, let's put aside that this person has been a vocal opponent to gay rights. Let's put aside that this person has left a trail of half covered up gay experiences going back a quarter century. Let's put aside that the police might have overreached, their behavior bordering on entrapment.

Okay, have we put all of this aside? No? Okay I'll wait.




Here are the important and indisputable facts.

1.) Larry Craig is a lawmaker sworn to uphold the Constitution.
2.) He entered a guilty Plea to a crime.
3.) He claims he lied when he entered the guilty plea.
4.) Lying while entering a guilty plea is a more serious crime than the original offense.

That is all we need to know. He needs to be dismissed immediately. His boss, his constituents, need(s) to toss him out. Now.

This is an educated lawmaker. He knows, and if not certainly should have known, that it was possible to enter a plea that has the same result as a guilty plea without admitting fault. It is called a Nolo plea --short for Nolo Contendre. Literally, no contest.

He is not worthy of the title "Senator" and needs to be dismissed with cause immediately.

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