Friday, August 31, 2007

Pay for Iraq By Cutting Corruption

The Nation is reporting on a "sensitive but not classified" report detailing rampant corruption in Iraq. This on the eve of Mr. Bush's rumored request of an additional 50 Billion bucks for the cause.

Remember the days when a senior official was dismissed for suggesting that the total cost could reach $200 Billion? (Here) At the time Donald Rumsfeld claimed that the total cost would be in the $50-60 Billion range.

Again I am reminded of the apparent misplacement of 363 tons of shrink-wrapped hundred dollar bills -- 12 Billion smackers, oops. (Here)

Okay. Here is the solution. It is simple in theory. Spend a small part of that 50 billion on a two teams of accountants. One forensic. One dedicated to keeping the books from here on.

Seriously, when you pay for something you are supposed to get something. Money can be accounted for. That is where the term, accounting, comes from.

At this point I suggest you read the report in the nation. (Here)

I have no doubt that a properly charged team of forensic accountants (and a billion bucks would both buy a big enough team and pay for itself) would remove offenders.

This is a point that must be remembered: the corruption is not only by foreign nationals. Money cannot be traded for nothing without an explicit okay from a US official. There is no doubt in my mind that there are American officials feeding the corruption for their own gain.

These officials will be the ones shouting the loudest when any forensic accounting is suggested. Look for it.

Drink time. Cheers.

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