Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Countdown til Larry Craig finds Jesus

Wait for it. Craig is still denying both that anything untoward took place and that he is gay. Folks, he entered a guilty plea. He did not plead nolo contendere (no contest), which would have resulted in the same fine/probation but would not have resulted in his current predicament.

What predicament?

Well, this lawmaker under oath and before a judge stated that he was guilty, that he did perform the act that he was accused of. Now he says he made a mistake. He lied under oath. He said he was guilty when he did nothing wrong. Note that the mistake was not the act that has resulted in his being a criminal.

So, the choice is clear. Either he committed purgery, a crime far more serious than seeking a blow job in bathroom stall, or he is lying to the people.

How does one get out from under the harsh lights?

Wait for it.

I am predicting that within a week a teary eyed Senator Larry Craig will be on CNN seeking forgiveness and claiming that he is glad that this has happened as it has brought him closer to God. He will go on to announce that he is seeking religious counseling and that he still believes that homosexuality is a sin.

Here we have more evidence that the most vocal opponents of homosexuality are simply lashing out at their own sexuality.

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