Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Position Wanted: Loyal, Unprincipled Kingmaker Looking For Work

Now his son has emerged from the period in his life where an at-home dad is most needed, Karl Rove is going to spend more time with his family. Now, there is a dedicated family man.

No, he is what he has always been: opportunistic. With "W" set to retire he will soon be redundant and it is my guess that he is not ready to retire. It is my guess that, despite his articulated reasons for leaving, he is not ready to spend more time with his family.

The big question is, "Whose campaign is going to capitalize on his political advice?" That is what he specializes in. He is not a policy adviser as many people think. He has never worn that hat under "W". He does not specialize in "policy". He is/was George W Bush's political adviser.

My guess? After every one involved signs a mutual nondisclosure agreement, he will sign on to Fred Thompson's campaign. A political adviser as savvy as Rove must know that his presence is a liability.

Equally, he is a proven kingmaker and someone will want him on their team --even if it means secret skype conference calls at midnight.

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