Monday, August 13, 2007

Cheney in 1994: a Different Bird.

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan's Dish for this must see tidbit.

Yes, that is Cheney detailing, very specifically all of the bad things that have happened since the US unilaterally went into Iraq. Thing is, it is from 1994. He was explaining the very good reasons that George Bush senior didn't overthrow Saddam after liberating Kuwait. The big question is, "What happened to him?" "Where did this guy go?"

It is my opinion that the Cheney in this interview was not speaking from the heart: he was following the party line. It was not until he could seize the reigns of power that the real Dick emerged. Now that he has his hands firmly on the puppet strings he is free to be, do and speak as he pleases. We are not the better for it.
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