Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gonzales Gets Power of Life & Death!

Last year in a controversial decision the Patriot Act was re-affirmed.

One of these days the bozos in Washington are going to have someone they truly trust read through these documents before they vote on them. (Yes, actually reading the documents IS too much to ask).

Did you know that in the new Patriot Act Roberto "I don't recall" Gonzales has the power to decide that a death-row appeals process is taking too long and to expedite the execution? Previously this power has resided in the hands of federal judges.

Now this might not sound like a big deal, but let me assure you that these amendments are not written casually. The mere fact that it is there implies that it will be used. Perhaps they expect at least one Guantanamo detainee to get a death sentence in a civilian court. This could keep the case out of the appeal courts.

But, to bring in any measure meant to "fast track" executions at a time when the number of past and planned executions have been dismissed due to DNA testing is accelerating boggles this bystanders mind.

Again, these things don't happen by accident. The question is, "Whom do they want to kill?" Rest assured it is someone.
More in the LA Times

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