Monday, August 13, 2007

Fairness for Vick?

NAACP Leaders Urge Fairness for Vick

I agree --sort of.

Mr. Vick should not lose what he has rightfully achieved until he is found culpable: this means guilty in criminal court and/or liable in civil court --two very different burdens of proof.

I am referring to his NFL contract only. This he achieved on his merits. Of course the NFL bigwigs don't want him in uniform, but that does not alter the fact that he is under contract and will be until a court decided otherwise.

His endorsement deals are a different story. They were built on reputation and reputation alone --the Michael Vick Brand. He lost his reputation; he lost his deals. I have no issue with this sequence of events.

Do I feel bad for Mr. Vick? No. I feel bad for the Atlanta Falcon's fans. This was their turn.

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