Thursday, August 2, 2007

Policial Aspirations Not for Republican First Woman.

I did not make that up. It erupted (I can only think erroneously) from the mouth of Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez on the Glenn Beck Show yesterday.


It was during a discussion wherein the self described non partisan Beckers asked Leslie the following question about Jeri Thompson.
Is she Hillary Clinton, involved in everything, or is she Nancy Reagan, fierce defender of the husband?
Non-partisan indeed.

Leslie's response floored me.
...she`s much more Nancy Reagan-esque, in terms of she`s a mom, she`s a wife, and she`s looking out for her husband.
Okay, that part wasn't a shocker, but she went on.
There`s a big distinction: America does not have an appetite for a co-presidency. They knew it with Hillary Clinton. Ultimately they were proven correct in the fact she ran for office and now she`s running for president. They saw that 12-plus years ago in her; that is not the role of a Jeri Thompson or any Republican woman I would say right now.
There you have it. America wants a stay at home First Mom with no aspirations. Sorry Bill.
Read the whole interview on CNN Transcripts.

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