Monday, July 30, 2007

The President of the United States of America doesn’t get it.

The President of the United States of America is the one man in the world who is supposed to get it. We don’t need to know what is in his head and his heart, we only need to know that he is able to pilot the USS USA through rough seas. To do this, he has to get it.

What is "it"? Who knows.

But when you have the “the head of the Department of Justice and chief law enforcement officer of the Federal Government” ref committing perjury (yes, he has been given a week to rescind his statement) and when you have the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. stating, "This attorney general has a severe credibility problem," and then under oath and during the proceedings, “I don't trust you", you have a symptom of a far greater threat.

And then you find out that this unabashed liar has the full support of the white house… Am I the only one waiting for someone to shout, “April Fools”! Bush Jr. holds a press con ref to extol the virtues of his friend Al. Mr. Cheney does an interview ref apparently and explicitly to state that Al has not lied under oath.

It is clear to me that Messrs Bush et al. (pun intended) are simply no longer competent to captain America and need to stop. Stop everything. Imagine they have a three party parliament (no, I am not saying that this is a better system, there is too much evidence to the contrary) and a minority government that is unable to pass legislation. It is only for another 17 months or so. Remember, a ship will not hit an iceberg if it is not moving. As for the security of the nation? I do not propose that everything stops, just the president and his outclassed (by nearly every one --bus drivers, cafeteria workers, my sister...) executive branch. Congress and the Senatorial committees can take over for a while. I guarantee it will not be worse.

My point? The President does not get it.

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