Friday, August 3, 2007

Obama's First Big Mistake

I said "Big." Yes, he has made a few little ones, but with his comments on Pakistan he has already caused an international incident and he doesn't even have the nomination yet. This will not serve him will in the primaries and will be devastating if he wins and has to go up against the Republican machine.

The AP is reporting that several senior Pakistan officials are speaking out against using their country to gain political capital at their expense. Those officials are right. This is an party intramural championship to see who will go to the finals and represent the party in the big competition. While stating views on foreign policy is necessary for the constituents to make informed decisions, actually causing international incidents is the job of the victor. Barak has overstepped his position. Angering foreign governments is currently Bush's job.

Mr. Obama needs to find a way to make his positions on international affairs known without prematurely raising the ire of our allies: it is called diplomacy. If he cannot do this and if he gains the nomination, he will give the Republican candidate a winning issue: foreign policy. And make no mistake, foreign policy might be the largest issue of 2008.

On this Hillary is winning hands down.

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