Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tony Snow said what?

Tony S. tells the people:
“But let me point out that we have actually made Karl Rove available to that committee under conditions where he's going to tell the truth.” ref
Unless my memory fails me, the White House offered up Mr. Rove to testify before congress under the following conditions: 1.) that the testimony be held in camera (sectret) 2.) that there be no record of the testimony and 3.) that he not be sworn to tell the truth.

Huh? Mr. Snow doesn’t get it. Without the ability to pursue perjury charges in the event that someone chooses to mislead congress there is no point. Yes Mr. Rove might tell the truth. He will definitely tell us that he did (so will Tony S.) but we will forever doubt that he did –and that doubt is poisonous.

It is true that Mr. Rove will commit a crime should he lie to congress, but in this modern world of politics, there is no crime where there is no conviction. Without a record of the testimony there will be no conviction; without a conviction there was no crime; ipso facto: no lie.

Mr. Snow I believe you are misleading the people when you said that Mr. Rove was going to tell the truth. Misleading the people is not your job. It may be what your job has erroneously become, but nevertheless, your job is to inform the people.

It is sad that you have come to be regarded as a propaganda tool, useful only as a subject of ridicule.
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