Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Republican Debate: The return of McCain?

This debate offered little other than the tired, slow-pitch questions coupled with pat, predictable answers and wired pseudo-attacks. That said, McCain did come out with a few duzzies reminiscent of the old McCain, the McCain that has given him non-partisan support over the years.

My two favorites:
I will veto every single bill that comes across my desk (with pork) and make the authors of those pork-barrel projects famous.

Look, I would be very careful that everyone understood that there is only one president. (A great dig at Bush/Cheney)
Ron Paul, again, went straight to the people with his return to old school conservatism message. But will the people pay attention? Not likely, the people will read the reports in the media and Ron P.'s message does not get coverage. I did like his Bush Cheney zinger:
...most people (in Washington), behind the scenes, think the Vice President is more powerful than the President. Philosophically, I think that this is the case.
We'll see what the big media has to say, but other than the above moments I saw nothing worth getting up early Sunday morning.

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