Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bill Richardson Doesn't Get The Press He Deserves

Bill Richardson indisputably has the best foreign affairs resume in the primary game and yet in a time where foreign policy is the dominant issue he gets little or no press.

Too Bad, he has some great things to say. (and I love his "Job Interview" commercials)

Now he is coming out on the side of education. For anyone else this would seem as meaningless pandering but the way he ties it to the Iraqi situation is masterful and worthy of coverage --but I didn't see anything about it on CNN.
More in the Boston Globe.

How many presidential candidates have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize four times?


Anonymous said...

Nominated? Was it by the same organization all four times? Anybody can get a group to nominate them. What is the full story here?

GM Heslop said...

This is like saying anyone can get an academy award nomination. No, whilst anybody can get submitted for consideration, the Nobel Committee, much like the academy, is responsible for the nominations. It is not true to say that anyone can get a group to nominate them.

Anonymous said...

I also think Kucinich does not get the press he deserves. I'm growing weary of hearing, "Obama, Hillary, Obama, Hillary, Obama, Hillary, Obama, Hillary." Arrrggghh!!