Thursday, August 9, 2007

Outsourcing: Good For National Security?

Far from threats from Candidates like the suddenly hawkish Obama, Pakistan and General Musharraf could use the humble hand of friendly support from America's leaders. Sure he is no saint, but the repercussions of his potential loss of control over Pakistan could be devastating to the war on terror --and his support is dwindling.

Let's not forget that Pakistan not only has the bomb it is also where many of the enemies in the war on terror have chosen to settle and build training camps. Do we want an unfriendly administration to take over?

Now, to be sure, the help he requires might not be military, it might be economic. This is one place where national security might trump economics: outsourcing for the security of the nation. If we can keep Musharraf popular (by employing his people) we might be able to keep Al-Qaeda from getting their hands on a nuke.

This might be enough to get Lou Dobbs on the side of outsourcing.
More on Musharraf's plight in the Associated Press via the Chicago Tribune

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