Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grow your own

There is a growing meme on the 'net regarding an interesting baby step towards ending the indefensible prohibition of marijuana.

A "Grow your own" policy.

Simply stated, it would be 100% legal to grow and smoke your own pot. It would remain illegal to sell, import, export or give to minors. But the near harmless activity of growing and smoking a natural herb would be open.

I can see it now: a pot of pot in every home. I like it. For those who are not familiar with it, cannabis is a beautiful plant. It is basically pest resistant, meaning that no pesticides are required.

Though, I recommend keeping it from your family cat --'specially if the little meower knows where you keep your emergency stash of Cheetos. That's right, you will come home to find the door to that cupboard over the fridge open, assorted debris strewn about the kitchen and a smiling kitty lying on its back proudly showing off its bright orange beard. Cheetos will never, again, be safe.

I would add that you should be able to share your harvest with whomever you wish as long as it is not part of a transaction that could be considered trafficking. eg. no trading pot for guns, sex, meth, &c.

This would be an interesting first step that could bypass decriminalization --to which I am philosophically opposed.

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